School Uniform

It is expected that all children wear the school uniform, encouraging a pride both in appearance and in their school.

Our School Uniform is made and supplied by SpeedStitch (

You can order and pay for this online, have it delivered to home, school, or pick it up from the store.

If you need any assistance with this, please ask at  the School Office.

Our uniform includes:

Emerald green polo towitlogo

Navy sweatshirwith logo

Plain black shoes (not trainers)

In Summer, sandals may bworn bumust have covered toes (no flip-flostyle)

Woodford Green navy blue bookbag



Grey trousers (oshorts in summer)

Grey or black socks


Grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

Grey or black socks/tights

Blue anwhite check or striped dress with white sock(in Summer)



White PE t-shirt with logor plain white t-shirt

Navy blushorts

Black plimsoll(indoor) and trainers (outdoor)

DrawstrinPE bag (antype)

Dark blue, plain jogging bottoms for colder weather



Health and Safety Regulations state that watches and stuearrings are thonly items ojewellery allowed in school.

Headwear for religiouobservation should be blaconavy.



School Uniform

School Uniform