We would like to welcome you to Woodford Green Primary School and to the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which exists to support and advance the education of all the pupils.

How do we support the children and the school?

The PTA organises a mixture of social and fund-raising activities throughout the school year. Like most schools we hols an annual Christmas Fair and a Summer Fete which are our primary fund raisers. Over the past few years we have also organised discos for the children, Quiz nights, fashion shows, book sales, cinema nights and we run a tuck shop every Friday after school. The PTS sends out regular newsletter regarding meetings and events.

Money raised contributes to equipment and resources for the school that could not be funded through the basic school budget. In summer 2013 the money was used to provide the new climbing apparatus in the playground.

What can a new parent do?

By joining in the activities of the PTA you can find out more about how the school works and get to know other parents and staff at the school. You will also be enhancing the facilities, fundraising for extra resources and helping the pupils to enrich their education. There is also the definite possibility of having fun and making new friends at the same time. Some members help regularly art events whilst others may not have as much time to offer but help with event preparations or make donations to appeals for raffle prizes for example. Any help is always gratefully received.

Becoming an active member is a good way to get really involved with your child’s school and make a difference.

If you are interested in finding out more and becoming involved please talk to a member of the committee who will welcome you with open arms.

Tracey Flight (Chair & Treasurer)

Louise Chiswell (Secretary)

Parent-Teacher Association

Parent-Teacher Association