Year 6 - TS Eliot Class

Mr. Feldon and Miss Alexander welcome the 2016/17 Year 6 class.



Dear Parents and Carers,


Alongside preparation for SATs the following curriculum coverage will be included.



In maths will be focusing on algebra, measurement, statistics, geometry and the practice of SATs style questions.





Our Power of Reading book is called ‘Skellig’ by David Almond.

Michael moves to a new house, with his mum and dad and his new baby sister. But soon his sister is ill in hospital, and Michael feels helpless. He explores a broken-down garage in the garden and makes a discovery that will change his life: Skellig, a creature covered in dust and cobwebs. Michael is not sure what this creature is. The only person he can confide in is Mina, the girl across the road. Together they move Skellig from the dangerous garage and an astounding story unfolds.



We will be revising all of our grammar coverage in preparation for SATs.



This term our IPC topic in Year 6 is ‘Switches On’. The following will be covered:


In Technology, we’ll be finding out:


  • How to plan and make our own electronic toy

  • How to plan and make a security system

  • How to evaluate control technology products


In Society, we’ll be finding out:


  • About robots and machines that can help us

  • About the future of robotics and control technology

  • About different uses of control technology around the world

  • How control technology can be used to warn of natural disasters and help with their Aftermath




Electricity and forces will be revised and link to our topic work.




We will continue to have both an indoor and outdoor session with Teo with an additional lesson on a Wednesday which replaces swimming.


 Many thanks for your support.


 Mr Peter Feldon


Year 6 Teacher


Year 6 - TS Eliot Class

Year 6 - TS Eliot Class