Year 4 - Emily Gravett Class


CURRICULUM OVERVIEW                                                   YEAR 4 - SUMMER 2017


Dear Parents/Carers,


This is a brief summary of the curriculum that will be covered in Milligan Class this term. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. A copy of this is also available on our website.



Our Power of Reading book this term is Belonging by Jeannie Baker


We will be writing narratives and adding personal details about our character and their setting.


Overall learning aims of this teaching sequence:

  • To appreciate why stories are memorable and characters exciting.
  • To consider how particular situations make individuals behave as they do.
  • To produce a range of writing to respond to text through role play and dramatisation.


The children will have the opportunities to develop skills in the following areas:

Number and place value

  • Use mental strategies and number facts to add several amounts of money with 2 decimal places.
  • Use mental and written methods for addition and subtraction.
  • Use grid method, short multiplication and long multiplication to multiply 4 digits by 2 digits.
  • Locate negative numbers on a number and use them in context.

Fractions, decimals and percentages

  • Understand tenths, hundredths and thousandths
  • Order and compare 2-place decimals
  • Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000
  • Round 2-place decimals to the nearest whole number.


  • Draw and construct 2D shapes with given dimensions and angles.
  • Know and use the properties of a square and rectangle and deduce related facts.
  • Identify 3D shapes from 2D representations.
  • Use coordinates to describe positions on a grid.

Problem solving and reasoning

  • Use mathematical reasoning to explain findings, patterns and relationships.
  • Identify patterns, devise and test rules and use them to make predictions.


Our Science topic this term is Sound.

The children will

●    recognise that sounds get fainter as the distance from the sound source increases.

●    identify how sounds are made, associating some of them with something vibrating


The children will also be revisiting some of the objectives covered earlier in the year. This will allow them to study plants and as well as use their knowledge of materials and their properties to carry out scientific and DT related tasks.


Our topic theme is Antarctica. This topic links with our Power of Reading book (Shackleton’s Journey). Through Art, DT, History and Geography lessons, the children will find out about Antarctica’s location within the world. They will be tracing Shackleton’s journey across Antarctica (during his expeditions). The children will find out about other expeditions and the hardships that were faced by the explorers. The children will be undertaking some cooking activities.


Indoor and outdoor activities: Fitness skill & Team building activities 

PE will be on Wednesdays and Fridays


Children will :

  • use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with increased skill and confidence to produce a variety of presentations
  •  learn to assess their own work and others, suggesting improvements through peer and self-evaluation
  • learn to type more accurately and with more speed
  • learn about the importance of staying safe online


The theme of Relationships. The children will consider how other people see themselves and how this might lead to feelings of embarrassment. They will continue to explore their understanding of how thoughts can influence their feelings and their behaviour and how embarrassment can lead to other emotions, such as resentment, hurt, anger and shame. The children will explore how they might avoid an embarrassing situation and consider how they might manage their feelings of embarrassment.



We already know the interest you take in your child’s work. If you can, please discuss with your child the work they have done as the term progresses and let them teach you. If your child has some work to research, please support them in selecting relevant information to aid their learning.


By the end of the term, we hope your child will have achieved all of their learning targets and that they have had an enjoyable time in the classroom.


Year 4 - Emily Gravett Class

Year 4 - Emily Gravett Class