Year 2 - Julia Donaldson Class

Miss Bullock, Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Binns welcomes the 2016/17 Year 2 class.


Dear Parents/Carers,


Welcome back! We hope you had a very enjoyable break and are ready for the final half term of this academic year.  Here is an overview of the learning that will be taking place in Donaldson class.


Curriculum focus for Summer term 2


English – We are reading 10 things I can do to help the world, which we will use as a stimulus for a cross curricular project about caring for the environment. The children will be learning about the importance of recycling, energy conservation and how our actions can impact on the environment. We will be creating informative posters to raise awareness of our ‘campaign’ and writing to persuade others to join in. 


Maths– We will continue to practise calculating using the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be using our calculation skills to a variety of problems and to develop our reasoning skills. In addition, we will be learning to add and subtract in the context of money, in order to find a total amount for several items and how to calculate the change. Plus we will continue to learn how to tell the time.


Science – This half term children will be introduced to the ecological challenges that face the modern world. Children undertake a range of activities that challenge them to engage with environmental issues and to understand the simple changes we can make to live more sustainable lives. Throughout the unit, learning is closely focused on the Working Scientifically strand of objectives, providing a range of opportunities for children to apply practical scientific methods and skills.


Geography – The children will develop global awareness by looking in detail at the position of the seven continents and five oceans of the world, understanding that the world is spherical and creating their own journeys across the world. Children continue to build on their map skills developed in Year 1 using atlases, world maps and globes more widely, along with using aerial photographs to recognise human and physical features including landmarks.


Art Based on their observational drawings of plants in science, children will learn to produce lino prints.


RE – We will continue learning about Sikhism and the beliefs held by followers of this religion. We will learn about Guru Nanak and some of the stories shared through his teachings.


PHSE – This half term the focus is on making changes in our lives. Children will distinguish between natural developmental change, changes we choose and changes we make happen. They will revisit and develop strategies for making changes happen, such as making a plan and identifying obstacles.



PE – The children will have outdoor PE on a Tuesday afternoon and indoor PE on a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that they have the correct kit, including footwear, on these days.


Computing – The children will practise their publishing skills using 2simple software.



During PPA on a Wednesday afternoon, the children will be taught by our

specialist music and drama teachers.






In order to prepare fully for our Eco Assembly, we have changed the date to Thursday 22nd June. Sorry for any inconvenience, we hope you can still make it. It’ll be worth the wait! J


Year 2 Graduation - Thursday 13th July – details to follow




Other information:


Reading – Please continue to keep reading every evening with your children.It is vital that you support them at home with their reading and ensure they read for around 15-20 minutes.


Number bonds and times tables – Please help children to develop quick recall of basic number facts.  


Number bonds

  • Recalling the number bonds to 10 (e.g. 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, etc.),
  • Then, moving on to those up to 20 (e.g. 1+19, 2+18, 3+17, etc.)
  • Recalling number tens number bonds up to 100 (e.g. 10+90, 20+80, 30+70, etc.)


Times Tables

  • Practising counting first in 2’s, then 10’s and 5’s,
  • Learning the times tables in sequence and then quick recall out of sequence,
  • Moving onto3’s and 4’s until the children are confident.




Year 2 - Julia Donaldson Class

Year 2 - Julia Donaldson Class